About this project

Created in collaboration with @garretbrowndesigns and retailing for $7.99, the knockonwood keychain is made in America and designed for a stroke of luck when you need it the most. Avoid superstition, bad vibes, and close calls simply by knocking twice. With your karma cache reset, you’re good to go until life throws you another curveball.

Chairity & Partnerships

Good luck can be fickle sometimes. We’re trying to make it a little less so. Depending on the social media influencer we partner with, each month we focus on a specific charity and dedicate a portion of our sales towards a good cause. For updates on partnerships and influencers visit our Instagram account: @knockonwoodshop

Orders & Contact

If you’re interested in sharing your story tag your post with #knockonwood or feel free to mention us in your caption. You’ll stack karma points for doing so. For order inquiries and further questions email us at: info@knockonwood.shop